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"SAD" by Head Teacher Charles Okello


1. I didn’t like it.

I wasn’t ready for it.

I was forced to do it.

Was forced to drop school.

My daddy liked it.

He made a decision.

A horrific one!

To marry me to a man.

Fit to be my Grand-dad.

My tears couldn’t save me!

And against my will.

I became a mother.

2. My performance at school.

Never was good.

Not because I was a fool.

And that I’m not cool.

But because of the poor meals

Provided by my parents

I went to school hungry

Stayed in school hungry

My brain always hungry

And couldn’t concentrate.

I started dodging lessons

This leading to my weakness.

3. We are poorly fed

On meals rarely changed

The meals hardly balanced

Plain Cassava boiled

With neither proteins or vitamins

Growth becomes stunted

The Brain is retarded

And parents start barking

You are dull

You are stupid

You eat too much

Go and marry

Bring us money! Eh!

4. Marry at thirteen

Produced at fourteen

Produce a baby weak

We both poorly fed

Sick and malnourished

With Marasmus and Kwashiorkor

The brain can’t develop

And I wither like a plant.

5. I am not an adult child

I am young but only growing

Is gowing a crime? No!

I must eat to grow! Yes!

But parents,

Bombarding us with bitter words

Latin man dong camu yo cawa weng,

Pe ywee, Eh! (This child eats too much all the time without break)


That is violence

Is that not your child?

Will you run away from your duty

Protect you children

That is your duty

Wait to marry them off

When they are ripe in future . . .

6. Ha! At School!

Life is a horror

The teachers, imagine!

Wipened by work

They roar like lions

For failing one number

Down for the canes

One, Two for talking in class

Three, Four wake up from sleep

Roll on your knees –sh!

Eh! Teachers!

Do we children have rights?

We ask … Do we?...

7. Hm! On many occasions situation worsens

A girl at school is ruined by her teacher

Who is supposed to teach her?

Teachers! Teachers!

Running for my innocent body

With this innocent beauty

I didn’t choose to look like this.

To land me into problems

I rebuke this spirit in the name of Lord Jesus

8. Parents, teachers, community and all

Style Up! We need your care

So treat us with fairness

In modern world, no violence

For digital generation, no vengeance

And any form of violence on children

Guidance and Counseling is the modern fashion

For the modern generation.

9. A message to children

A message to the children out there

Note this: You go for love

You get pregnant

School Drop-Out!

Take Note: You drop from school

You drop your career

You are a failure

Remember this – With discipline

You finish school

You fly like an Angel

From a mere zero to a real hero!

10. Oh! Yes, the good news is here

Poor nutrition and child marriage no more!

One, Two, Three addition (Yes)

Division, Subtraction and Multiplication

You See?

Doctors, Teachers, and Leaders are here!

Yes, a radical change

For our country Uganda

Achieving the vision

Vision 2040.