Literacy for Adults and School-Age Children

Literacy Campaign - YOU! Can Help Stop Illiteracy and Ignorance

"80% of Ugandan Teachers Can't Read" - Sep 2016 Daily Monitor

Uganda’s education ministry weeds out 30,000 fake teachers - Aug 29 2019 The Independent

Literacy Advocacy events are held throughout the year including Literacy Competitions and Teacher Seminars for English Competency. Your support directly supports these events including textbooks and supplies for both Students and Teachers. In January 2019 we sponsored over 30 teachers from two remote villages attended a Teacher Seminar Intensive. Student scores on national exams have increased dramatically since we've been able to provide teacher training.

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East African ADULT Literacy Project South Sudan - Kenya - Uganda - Democratic Republic of Congo - Tanzania

Headed by Kenyan Pastor PATRICK MALASI, the East African Literacy Program is a multi-level community training and tutoring program encompassing the development of primers and workbooks in native languages, and tutor and facilitator training. The project partners with local governments, communities, and churches bringing literacy to one community at a time.

We also accept donations of books (any kind), sewing supplies, school supplies, and medical supplies.
Please contact us below if you have any of those item to donate. Thank you!

We Need Your Books!

Thomas Charities has an ambitious plan to implement the building of a substantial lending library with bookmobiles located in the vicinity of these public schools. Currently, there are no libraries in these areas and as you can see in the photos, the students learn without textbooks or workbooks. We collect books of ALL types and conditions including reference sets year-round. 

Please contact us at: for book donations and donations of shipping containers.